The Respondent Community
The Respondent Community

Welcome to The Respondent Community

The Respondent Community: A safe space for folks suffering the injustices of the Family Law system.

Who Is The Respondent?

Founded by Greg Ellis, best-selling author of The Respondent, The Respondent Community aims to be a safe space for parents who have been wrongfully accused in family law, alienated children, and all of the people who have suffered the injustices of the American Family Law system.

Why Join The Community?

There are millions of Americans who are suffering in silence and shame because they've been separated from their family due to a nasty divorce. Whether you're an alienated parent or adult child, the sense of loss, grief, and loneliness can be unbearable. I know this because I am one of you – I am a now-54-year-old alienated child, and I've been separated from my children for almost 7 years. I know exactly how you are suffering, and I started this network so we can try to find some sense of solace and even joy, together in community. 

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